The Quick Mission creates sites for organizations and charities that we support. We help create an online platform – website, social media accounts, and the like, for those charities who do not have the means to do so for free. We also create, promote, and support-fundraiser campaigns to raise funds and donations for the charities under our programs.

The Quick Mission is a non-profit organization and charity created by Quikfillrx. It is a Florida-based distributorship company that would like to extend help to people in need.

We help all kinds of causes. We do not have a specific set of criteria for the organizations that we work with. We do not see race, culture, politics, and religion as an excuse not to help. As long as a charity works for the betterment of society and humanity, The Quick Mission gladly works with them.

Operational funding for The Quick Mission comes from Quikfillrx and a few donations from our donors and partners. You can see a complete breakdown of our funding on the Aid Tracker Page.

No, The Quick Mission does not collect fees from the donations that support our partner charities. After reviewing and approving the donation and fund request, 100% of your donation, after credit card fees, will be used to support the charity of your choice.

The Quick Mission is a federally-recognized tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. US donors can take tax deductions for donations to The Quick Mission to the extent permitted by US tax laws. Also, The Quick Mission can make grants to our recommended charities. All donations are irrevocable, and donor requests to grant donations to our recommended charities are subject to our approval.

Visit the DONATE page to pledge your donations to our cause. A list of affiliate charities The Quick Mission cares for is available on the page. Pick a charity or opt for a GENERAL donation. Donations can be made on a one-time basis, monthly, quarterly, or yearly and renewable through our DONATE page.

Yes, we will send you a receipt of your donation after every successful transaction. A detailed report of your annual contributions is available upon request. If you wish to receive instant receipts or request details about your donations, contact us on 904-758-2127 or email at info@thequickmission.com

Head to our contact page to suggest a community or charity to support. Our representatives will contact you with details on how to qualify for financial or volunteer aid from The Quick Mission.

We collect donations on behalf of the charities we help to track our impact in generating donations for our support organizations. It gives us access to information that can help us improve to help our charities and communities more. When we grant the funds to the charities, we can designate them as we believe best, guaranteeing transparency to our donors.

The Quick Mission does not collect fees from the donations that we receive. We grant 100% (after credit card fees) of your donation to your preferred charities or divide GENERAL donations equally among the groups and causes.

Yes. If you opt to support a particular charity affiliated with The Quick Mission, 100% of your donations (after credit card fees) go directly to these organizations. However, we would appreciate it if you can give GENERAL donations. These donations are equally divided to all the charities that we support, ensuring no charity is left behind every month or fiscal year.

Please send us an email at info@thequickmission.com if you would like to modify or cancel your monthly or recurring donations to The Quick Mission.

The Quick Mission provides charities that we work with a digital platform that will help them build their organization and serve as an avenue for them to connect with donors and sponsors to grow as a charity. We help them get their voices heard online – fundraiser events, causes, campaigns, and achievements, to help them build their brand and achieve their missions and vision. We also offer content writing services for these charities to share the inspiring stories they can provide to the world. Learn more about the work we provide for charities on our SERVICES page.

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