Fundraising Ideas for Startup Nonprofits

Fundraising ideas – creative ones, is what aids nonprofits in generating funds and resources for their missions and nonprofit goals. Donations and regular contributions from sponsors serve as the lifeblood for most nonprofits. However, donations are not always guaranteed and sufficient, especially for start-up nonprofit organizations. Fundraisers make it possible to generate money for charitable institutions and their causes.


In the United States alone, there are around 1.6 million nonprofit organizations helping locally and internationally. How can a startup nonprofit establish a community that would support its charity events and missions, in an ocean full of charities and nonprofits to support?


Common Fundraising Ideas to Help Charities The Quick Mission


Working with Charities: Profitable Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits


Unique and standout fundraising ideas can help startup nonprofits establish their presence while generating money for their causes. Together with a bright idea and the right marketing strategies, successful fundraising, even for newly established nonprofits is still possible.


Community Fun Runs


One of the most common fundraising events hosted by charities to generate income for their causes are through fun runs. But what makes this unique knowing it is one of the most common charity events out there? 


Focusing on your local community as your main target for participants makes this even unique among other fun race events. It allows a nonprofit to focus on a specific group of people in a specific area. 


More than generating funds, it is a great opportunity for a startup organization to connect and build a relationship with its locals. From here, they can venture in creating connections, thus expanding their network in the process.




Whether hosted live, online or silent auctions, fundraising ideas like this can help charities raise funds for their causes. Although the time and effort invested in such events can be demanding, it is a great opportunity for nonprofits to practice and hone their skills in hosting stand-alone vents.


Ideally, there are many aspects to consider in hosting auctions. Getting items to be auctioned, marketing your auction and creating or joining a platform that makes the process of bidding convenient for your donors takes a lot of organizational and coordination skills.


Work with the most affordable websites that can host your auction, update bids and notify bid winners. As for items to be auctioned, you can request for donations from your donors and supporters. Buying a few items from antique and Goodwill shops is also a good place to start to get your items for auction.




Crowdfunding is another ideal fundraising idea that can help raise funds for a nonprofit organization. People, brands and organizations use crowdfunding to fund a project, support a specific person or to fund a single goal. We have all seen a lot of successful crowdfunding efforts that surpassed their target goals and brought life-changing experiences to its receivers.


In crowdfunding, the key is tapping into a huge audience that can potentially offer help for such causes. Here is where nonprofits can take advantage of the use of social sharing, media and other online platforms to spread the word about their crowdfunding – reaching out to donors and potential pledges.


Another good feature present in crowdfunding that is not present with other fundraising ideas is that every little amount matters. A thousand 1$ donation is still $1000, a huge amount that can give significant improvements to the lives of others. It is all about getting your message and advocacies across a greater audience to maximize its potential.


Online Bingo Night


With people spending most of their time indoors, hosting entertaining events like Online Bingo can be a great idea to raise funds for charity events. This can be a stand-alone event or a part of a bigger fundraiser for a nonprofit.


Online Bingo Events are very easy to host. Donors and participants can purchase bingo cards online to participate in the event. Remember to add a donate call-to-action button on your bingo card selling page in case participants wish to donate more for your causes. Supporters can be very surprisingly generous for such charity events.


To make your fundraiser even more entertaining, consider inserting intermission numbers in between draws. You can also update your donors and audience with updates on the projects and missions that your organization is currently focused on with few video inserts featuring your past projects. Let them know where their money goes and how far it can help your organization.


Startup charity events and nonprofit organizations can successfully launch and host fundraising events with creativity, right planning and expert execution. The key to success is by reaching out to the right audience and keeping them engaged with what your organization stands for. 


Building a relationship with your audience strengthens the foundation of a nonprofit organization. Whether you are a small or a big startup organization, successfully raising funds is possible with the right planning and marketing approach with these unique and fun fundraising ideas.


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