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We work in – countries around the globe. Our team of professionals are located in Asia and the United States. Our organization focuses on charities and organizations looking for help and assistance in rural communities in Florida and several other states in the United States. As we grow and expand, we plan to reach further regions in the world and change one life at a time.

Our organization helps charities, programs, and deserving individuals with their fundraisers and charity events. Every dollar that we raise and receive is accounted for, with reports and letters of appreciation sent regularly to our donors. We offer digital solutions that fund our partners, help them achieve their aspirations, and become better individuals in the process.


We value the trust of our donors and partners. We provide a comprehensive list of the projects and charities that we fund, take every donation that we receive, and offer an accessible report that can be viewed and downloaded on our website anytime.






Local Partners



The Quick Mission in Cebu City, Philippines

Distance is never a big challenge when it comes to helping people. The Quick Mission extended its helping hand to the PWDs affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in Cebu City, Philippines – a city located 9,162 miles away from The Quick Mission’s headquarters.

The Quick Mission launched its very first outreach program in Baranggay Apas, Cebu City, Philippines. Our team provided 250 relief packages to the PWDs affected by the pandemic in the area last August 8, 2020.

Essential goods and care packages were given to the PWDs in the area with the local government units’ assistance. Three kilograms of rice, canned goods, bottled water, and face masks were a few of the relief packages’ items.

Cebu City is currently one of the epicenters of the pandemic in the Philippines. Jobs were lost, people were displaced, and mental and emotional stress affected lives. The PWDs were even more profoundly affected. Their health and wellness were compromised, and their sources for living depleted as the pandemic continues to spread fear and anxiety worldwide.

The Quick Mission’s representatives implemented strict social distancing guidelines during the outreach program. The successful “quick mission” would not be possible without QRx Digital, QuickfillRx, and Bidi Vapor, who sponsored the outreach mission.

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